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Earth Springs Essential Oil - Clove 10ml

Earth Springs Essential Oil - Clove 10ml

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The penetrating spicy scent of Clove Bud hints at its powerful properties, traditionally used for toothache and to protect against sickness epidemics.

Nature/Essence – Invigorating & Cooling 

Use with care on the skin as can be irritating

Clove Bud oil has been used as an anaesthetic and antiseptic for toothache, sore gums, bad breath and mouth ulcers (diluted in a carrier oil, mouthwash or as a compress to the cheek). It is a digestive stimulant and helps relieve bloating and flatulence, and its stimulating effect can be helpful for joint and muscle aches and stiffness. Clove Bud is also a powerful antiseptic oil used as an inhalation or diffused during colds and flu.

Penetrating and stimulating, Clove Bud is a great essential oil to diffuse when feeling dull and lethargic to lift and sharpen your mental state.

Clove Bud helps purify the air when added to candles, room sprays or a diffuser (use in the sick room to aid recovery and in the living spaces to protect others in the household). It is also added to natural insect repellent sprays for the home.

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