Fill your own gift box - Choose whatever you like!

  • $4.50

Thank heavens your aren't forced to choose a box that is made up of items that aren't quite right and without your personal touch!  At Scented it is so easy!

1. Select the medium or the large box. 

2. We fill it with wood wool.

3. Choose your gifts! 

We display your selection beautifully and write YOUR words on the gift tag inside.  You will see the option of adding your gift note as soon as you add your box size to your cart.

We then courier it off sending you the tracking number so you can track your gift box on its  journey to its lucky recipient!

See the examples below so you get an idea of what will fit in each box.   Med box is the first 4 pics.  Large is the last 4.  We would recommend large for more than a few items and for diffusers.


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