Little Joys - Happy Puppy Bag Charm

Little Joys - Happy Puppy Bag Charm

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When you are sad, keep me close whenever you feel low.  These feelings will come but then they will go.  You don't have to get through it on your own.  I'll be here for the toughest days, this feeling will pass, they sadness wont stay!

10cm high plush bag charm with support message sewn in.

About Little Joys

Hi! I’m Amelie, a teen artist, business owner and advocate for mental health. I'm trying to make a difference for anyone who may be struggling, by bringing some extra joy, hope and comfort into the world.

Little Joys has given me a purpose, after I left school at age 16 due to my own struggles with mental illness. I create and design a range of unique products, and regularly donate my products and a portion of profits to mental health charities and organisations that help people in need.

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