Raw Nature - DOG SKIN + PAW BALM

Raw Nature - DOG SKIN + PAW BALM

  • $19.99

As seasons change, so can dog's skin change. No matter the season, their paws and skin get dry, chapped and itchy.

You can't just use any lotion on dogs as they have very sensitive skin and it needs to be safe as they like to lick any topical lotion off their paws and noses. 

We created this nourishing solid all natural dog balm with dog-friendly ingredients so a little lick is 100% safe. 


Organic sunflower oil naturally contains vitamin E, which helps trap moisture under the surface of the skin for up to 12 hours. It's also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Organic olive oil  has essential fatty acids and high vitamin E content that nourishes and keeps dog skin moisturised.

Castor Oil helps to reduce itching on skin surface.

No added scents so it won't irritate your dog's smelling capabilities.


Pro tip: Gently massage the dog balm directly onto paws. Your furry friend will love being pampered as much as you do.

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