The Bonbon Factory - Good B*gger Hand Scrub

The Bonbon Factory - Good B*gger Hand Scrub

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Life's tough, especially outdoors! Good Bugger Scrub™️ is proven to leave hands clean, conditioned and smelling fresh without ruining the fun or using harsh detergent?

 Tough on dirt, fish smells, grease and rough tough skin, but gentle on hands!

 😍 Some Uses, Fast and effectively cleans up:

  • Stinky fish hands
  • Tough dirt
  • Grime and Muck
  • Perfect for outdoorsy types, gardeners and farmers etc.

Plus: Helps soften calloused, rough skin on your hands and feet. One old mate swears by it for cleaning his shower glass - so you know it's good

Gets rid of grease, dirt, fish smells and grime fast, so you and your loved ones can enjoy smooth and fresh hands!

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